betsy-morgan's radio archives

Nationally known as one of the best channeling teachers of our time, Betsy-Morgan brings her talent, love, and laughter to the airways for all to enjoy. You will receive psychic tips on HOW TO CHANNEL, as well as energy attunements from her teacher guide and yours, ORION.

Every show includes channeling, time for questions and answers, and education to help you become psychic.

The purpose of this show is to channel answers for you while helping you connect with your own unique expression.

Long before the Podcasts for 4 consecutive years every Friday morning, Betsy-Morgan hosted a Blog-Talk Radio- Sedona Talk Radio Show. 

There was channeling, questions, and answers, stories of her travels to Brazil and psychic surgeries, and so much more.

Betsy-Morgan shares her many exciting adventures,  receiving psychic surgeries, and how they lead her to open up as a psychic and channeling teacher. 

Listen to all the archives by clicking on the button below. 

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