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Mary Magdalene Channeling

Dear Beloved Beings of Light!

 I greet you all from my heart. I am Mary Magdalene and I am here from the Grace of God in me and in you. You have sent me. And, the God in YOU has sent me. God has sent me to comfort you and to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

Never. I am with you and my Son is with you always. 

DO not forget to ask us for help when you need it. SO many of you “deny God”, thinking in your rational mind that “miracles cannot happen.” When you think this, you are so wrong. You need only BELIEVE. When you truly believe, it can be done 

“Thy will be done.” 

“As you believe, it will be done unto you.” 

“As it is in Heaven, so it is on earth.” (material manifestation.)


Give Thanks in Advance

Refresh yourselves therefore in this reading. Let me refresh you. 

Be ye REBORN! Come to me. Close your eyes. 

Let me touch you softly upon your forehead – there. 

Feel my touch, my love. This day a miracle is coming unto you. 

Give thanksgiving IN ADVANCE. 

This demonstrates your Faith. In Faith, you shall be blessed. 

Nothing is impossible to those who believe.


 I know many of you say, I HAVE believed and it was not done. Look, therefore, to Abraham. He trusted over and over again and had to prove himself to God. 


It just was necessary. And, now he lives forever an example of what TRUST and Faith and Belief look like. 

He received his Miracle! Let him be your example, your mentor. 


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