life purpose

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Life Purpose

What Is Your Role In This Life? = Your Task, Your Path?

The answer lies in your inner reality. It is always about staying close to yourself…your emotional, spiritual inner self… the “way” lies within. Your way lies within you. It is often so hard to accept this, because we are taught from infancy to DO, to take action, and then, the outer world govern us. But, we’re so used to it, we don’t notice it. And, then we judge ourselves – when we are perfectly beautiful and innocent and trying!



Our physical reality is NOT governed by outside events or people. The reverse is true! It’s our own inner world that attracts to us our good ~ or our fears. We may get tired of hearing this.


Because, we DO try over and over, and it seems to no avail. Have patience. Be WILLING! Once more. Believe your HEART and not your head – the logical mind. Believe in your passion, your inner Guidance, your Joy. THIS is pointing the way for you. Guidance is WITHIN, and not in the world of form.

FEEL AS IF IT IS PRESENT NOW! And, it shall be.

The Inner World

You are already familiar with this inner world, with the peace and calm that you can find there. For this reason, you are at this time to be guides or teachers for others and to be that in the most free, gentle sense of the word.

Not like those who are leaders in the traditional sense, but to be a living example of how to make a deep connection within yourself, with what transcends the earthly life, with what transcends outer certainties, and with what is independent of these – a connection with your soul.

No matter what else is your calling or what you are doing ~ To radiate this connection to others is in a sense your life’s mission. It brings you directly into the core of who you are, and in this way, you also touch others and invite them to do the same.

When YOU GIVE AWAY what it is you want ~ this is the FASTEST way to attract it to yourself!

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