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Channeling by Orion

A Channeled Message for 2017 from Betsy-Morgan and ORION

“Beloveds, We recognize that ALL are one with the Divine, that is why we can open to you upon request.  With your recognition of the One, and your acceptance that YOU are the Truth, you can have your Miracles!  

Because you are already one with that which is everywhere present at all times. Give thanks for that knowledge and ask for that mental truth to permeate in and through your hearts so that you can recognize moment-by-moment the Truth of your being, that you are already whole and perfect, and 100% creative….One with God. 


You need do nothing but relax and enjoy the peace and the truth that is the beauty of your existence and come from there rather than reacting from fear. Rather than seek God, come FROM God…for that Divinity is WITHIN you! This year, 2017, release all thoughts of separation. 
 You are One with the Creative Source, that that is intelligent and loving.
 Simply envision, feel, and accept….and “It is done”.
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​Betsy-Morgan has been teaching channeling classes all over the world for more than 35 years. Along the way, this beloved Master Channel has graduated hundreds of professional Channels, thus earning her the loving title ​"Teacher of Teachers."

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My work revolves around helping others to feel their beauty & remember their truth ~ we are each magnificent beings of Light & with Infinite abilities. I want everyone to live the life they were meant to live….the life of their dreams!

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