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Are You Ready to Learn to Channel?

Are you ready for your "Dream Come True Life" ?!
Learning to Channel can Help! HERE'S HOW!

The Secret to channeling is knowing that the gift is already alive and well within you!…

It’s actually eager to come out!  And, that is EASY to do!

Whatever that Dream-life is for you... it lies alive WITHIN YOU...

…it may be dormant, but it wants nothing more than to express itself!
You can open that door to TRUE PERSONAL FULFILLMENT TODAY!
By learning to Channel the loving VOICE WITHIN,


You will receive direct Spiritual guidance to greater happiness

and your Dream Come True life!

What is Channeling?

It’s hearing and speaking messages from your beautiful heart. Our Spiritual friends talk to us through our hearts. In the crazy, busy world ~ we often listen to our heads or minds…and we can talk ourselves out of going for our dreams. But when we channel from our hearts, we actually FEEL the TRUTH of what Spirit says to us. It’s inspirational and very motivational. Even if you are uncertain, the Love and certainty of your Angels and Guides will help you along your spiritual path. 

Let me tell you my story...

When my guide, Orion, first came to me, I was very surprised and hesitant to listen to him. And, I was “dirt-poor!” Yet, his love and kindness were overwhelming.  I started to trust him.  I knew that he wanted what was best for me. At the time, being very poor, and all on my own ~ I knew I had to make good decisions.  I was raising two babies ( 2 and 3 years of age) by myself. I had no refrigerator, washer or dryer, heater or cooler, or even drapes on my windows.  I only cleared $3.00 a day for food. Orion’s voice continued in my head saying, “You and I are supposed to work together and bring more Love and self-empowerment to the world. If you listen to me and trust what I say to you…and DO IT ~ it will change your life and the lives of your children.” I thought, what do I have to lose. I’m practically homeless. So, I said, “Alright…how do I begin?”  Then, I heard my loving guide Orion say simply:

"Learn to LISTEN, TRUST and ACT on the messages of Light that I and your Angels give you.
Then teach others to do the same.
This is your life path."

So, my dear new friend ~ I did just that! 

I chose to LISTEN, TRUST, AND ACT on the messages from Spirit….and I never looked back. I promise you the same. I took one small step at a time, moving in the direction of my personal fulfillment and opening my heart to channeling. He worked with me with patience, love, and understanding.

His skill was greater than my uncertainty.
Greater love, peace, goodwill, prosperity, creativity, and self-expression are yours! 

What do YOU want? 

Whatever it is, that dream is your compass North. 

Follow it. 

Your angels and guides are here NOW to help you. 

Choose to = Listen, Trust and Act, on their helpful messages to you!

In the past, it was thought that channeling
was hard to learn...

but NOW, with this new technology, 


Why? Because, this is a one-of-a-kind, unique program!

Orion actually LIFTS  you via frequency and CONNECTS  you personally to your individual Angels and Guides for the rest of your life! 

Thereby allowing you to channel!!

Afterward, you can channel the heavenly guidance and messages of love from Angels, and Guides, and some of you will channel messages from family and friends in heaven!
In these 8 teaching videos, Orion gives you step-by-step instruction, so you have a structure to follow. It’s no-fail. There’s a structure for your mind and one for your heart!

I have used this *Orion Technology* for over 35 years

to teach literally THOUSANDS and I can teach You! 

Orion calls this a technology because it’s an energetic way to connect with the Sacred. When channeling, using the Orion Technology, you actualize your Oneness with the Divine and open more and more to your higher awareness and Higher Love. It’s the “Path of the Open Heart” and leads you right into Ascension!

I know that the word channeling used to bring up thoughts of something difficult to learn, but, channeling is actually NATURAL.

You were born with the gift of hearing Spirit, Angels, and high-level Masters. We just weren’t told that. Most likely, we were told the opposite.
So this is a process of re-learning what is EASY, FUN, and EMPOWERING….in order to be happier, healthier, and more prosperous in every area of your life!
Even more than that…it’s a way to express your creativity in a way that helps humanity. You can help others to find their “dream come true” life, as well!

When Orion came to me, learning to channel was the farthest thing from my mind...

I never thought I could channel!

Yet, through my WILLINGNESS to TRY, 

I got so much more than I ever imagined!
So will YOU! 

If, as you are reading this, you are feeling an excitement within your heart, or thinking of the possibility… your higher self may be calling you. 

You may want to Listen, Trust, and Act on that calling. 

It may be the BEST Step you ever took! 

I have a good feeling about it! 

And, I will hold your hand every step of the way!

I hope I get to meet YOU and work with you!

Your success is my fulfillment! 💫 Betsy-Morgan

Betsy-Morgan has been teaching Channeling courses using The Orion Technology for more than 35 years. She has graduated thousands of students many of whom have become famous professional channels and gone on to change thousands of lives.

I will assist you in any way to help you open up to your

natural psychic and channeling gifts!

Remember…With Orion, it’s easy!

He does the heavy lifting. 🙂

And, I am trained to help YOU succeed!

That’s why I offer a 30-Day 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

Through Channeling You Can Get Clear Answers About...

  • How to improve your health
  • How to improve your finances
  • How to improve your relationships
  • How to solve problems
  • How to overcome challenges
  • How to assist humanity
  • How to align to your soulmate
  • How to connect with family and friends in heaven
  • How to improve your career
  • How to discover and follow your life purpose
  • And just about any other situation you can think of
You will naturally feel more relaxed with life; and more trusting and connected to the divine. Many of you actually feel the love from your Angels and your Spirit Guides.

You may be thinking this is quite a lot, but remember the power of Orion Technology. Once activated, ancient blockages will be immediately removed. This allows the natural flow of the divine light through your physical, spiritual, and emotional fields. It’s absolutely a blessed experience. 

How Do You Receive The Orion Technology?

All you have to do is watch the videos!

Each video is imprinted with Orion’s gift! 

Now, at last you have a proven professional class that opens you up to channel Angels and Guides easily,  with great love and fulfillment!

Channeling I & II Course

Here's what's included in the course:


In this video you will learn about Betsy and Orion and how Betsy became the Channeling Teacher.

Video 1: Foundations of Channeling

In this video, Betsy-Morgan will go into detail about Orion Energy channeling and how to get the most out of your class experience. This will be the beginning video of the Orion transfering powerful psychic frequency to help you open to the channel. 

Video 2: Beginning to Channel 1

In this video you will learn the basic steps to channeling and how to receive communication from the Spirit world.

Video 3: Beginning to Channel 2

In this video Orion prepares your energy body to receive high vibrations and begin to lift higher and higher.

Video 4: The Deepening

In this video you will witness a demonstration of how channeling is done. You will also learn how to structure your channeling experience.

Video 5: Examples of Channeling and Practice in Action

During this class Betsy teaches you an easy pathway to follow as you practice deepening your channeling experience.

Video 6: See the Flow of Channeling 

During this video class you will learn the Art of Channeling and ease into the practice of it by observing others do it.

Video 7: Learn Mediumship

During this channeling class you will learn how to  connect with your loved ones who have passed to the other side.

Video 8: Review &  Frequency Lift

In this class you will review the process of channeling, the steps necessary to do it safely and confidently, and practice the process with Betsy and Orion.

BONUS 1: Channeling Workbook

This Course Workbook download will help you learn channeling through the written words infused with Orion Technology. 

You will learn to channeling by completing a series of exercises which are connected with each class video.

BONUS 2: Channeling Archives

This bonus is a series of channeling recordings that will help you strengthen your practice of channeling.

BONUS 3:  Audio Channeling Support Classes

These 6 audios are going to help you receive the higher states of consciousness and practice holding these high energies. They will walk you through the course and understand what challenges you may encounter along the way. 

BONUS 4: Private Facebook Group

where you can connect with and receive guidance from Betsy-Morgan personally. You will also be able to practice with other channeling students and deepen your spiritual journey beyond the Home Study Course. 

When you complete –

Channeling Class I & II

You will successfully begin to channel messages of love and guidance for yourself and your loved ones.


Channeling I & II

Learn to Channel NOW and Receive

On-demand access to Orion Technology.

Access to 8 High-Frequency Channeled Videos.

1 Channeling Workbook by Betsy Morgan

Bonus: 3 Audio Channelings.

Bonus: 6 Channeling Support Classes.

And every update on the course we make in the future.

Total Value: $797 


Your investment ONLY: $597

See What Others Are Saying

In my opinion this is the most powerful Channeling Home Study Course ever developed!

M. B.

Channeling testimonial

I have taken channeling classes all over the world but none worked for me until I took Betsy-Morgan’s! Now I channel professionally! 


This Course was absolutely life-changing for me! 



I am lucky to have had a teacher that dedicated herself so thoroughly to teaching me. It was so clear that you love what you do and that you truly want others to succeed in it. Your honesty and generosity are inspiring. You believed in me when I did not and could not believe in myself. That is truly a gift that cannot be repaid.

Student from Canada

There is no better time than NOW to activate your spiritual gifts and channel messages of love for yourself and others!


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