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I'm Beside Myself: A Beginner's Guide to Channeling

An extraordinary, yet uncomplicated way to learn how to hear your own personal messages from the guides in the spirit world. Orion is the loving and powerful guide who brings the gift of frequency onto every page and it is this key element that makes it possible to connect with your guides through the use of this remarkable book.

*With this book, many people have reported learning to channel on their own.

Ascension: The Accelerated Path into the New Millennium

Ascension is Spiritual Transformation. It is a process whereby evolved human beings can begin to lift from their physical body and begin to live from their Light Body–a field of greater awareness. Here we experience more of our innate truth, compassion, wisdom and self-empowerment.

Many facets of the Divine Plan for Earth have come together as planned! Celebrations ring across the universe. We are ascending! Thanks to Orion, our Angels and Ascended Masters, you and I can now consciously choose this Light Brigade!

kind words from clients

Dear Betsy,

What an amazing reading. The most important core questions, I was not going to ask at this time, so as to focus on more practical issues. Except, I did ask my Spirit Guides before the reading, to please address anything I needed to understand. And yes… they certainly did! The core questions which I wanted to postpone were addressed VERY directly, with great insight and helpfulness. They began the channeling session by saying “Since I asked”.
Thank you very much for your help on Saturday and all the extra time you gave. Love,