Step Into Your Spiritual Journey...

Gaia is Ascending!! It's inevitable...

The question is are you coming along for the ride, 

and do you want this ride to be exciting and joyful?

As a Lightworker you made a decision to live at this time in history so that you can see the humanity transition into higher dimensions – Ascend. 

In fact, you were so excited to be here and participate in this process that you wouldn’t have it any other way!

Then you arrived into this glorious human body, you had some hard years, and you had some exciting ones too. 

And today….you still believe in the possibilities ahead, 

but you want to do more, you want to experience more. 

You want to do it with more certainty and more purpose, and all your passion. 

💞You want to do it with divine guidance!💞

So, dear one, here is your opportunity
to be more, do more, and grow more!

Here is your opportunity to: 

All while she (and you) transitions into the higher realms…

This is how you help change the world!!

This is how you become all that you can be!!

Advanced Ascension Course

Over the last 35 years, I have created countless programs and channeled videos,  offered training and seminars, and written several books. Many of them have sold for hundreds of dollars and helped thousands of people learn to channel, hear messages from their guides, connect with spirits beyond the earth plane, and change their lives and their clients’ lives for the better. 

NOW, I would like to share my work with you too.

I created this membership so that you too can benefit from all those years of ascension evolution. Most of us lightworkers who have been assisting with ascension have amassed a body of work that can help the next generation of lightworkers get to where we are now, even faster. 

By accessing this HIGH-VIBRATION ENCODED material you will: 

Join millions of other lightworkers to stay on the path of enlightenment and ascension. 

It took humanity many years to get to where we are today. 

But there is more work to do!!

This means we must ensure that we continue to raise the vibration higher and 

not succumb to low and dark energies. 

Yes, there is a lot of darkness still in the world and we can talk about it and discuss it 

until we are blue in the face, OR we can do our own work!!

We can raise our own vibration, and surround ourselves with others who are doing the same. We can learn to channel, heal with energy, meditate, become a medium, read HIGH-VIBRATIONAL material, and rendezvous with our Angels, and Spirit Guides. There is so much we CAN do!

Sit and do nothing, or join the Light Revolution...
Which one do you choose?

advanced ascension course

Are you ready to join the Ascension fast track?

I am ready to help you on your path there!

Click on the button below and let’s get started…

Here's what's included in your course:
Each month for the next 90 days 
you will receive access to the following:

  1. An Orion Ascension Energy Boost Recording – you can listen to it daily to boost your energy and elevate your mood. Valued at $35
  2. Ascension Training – each month you will receive different training. Such as activating your light body, psychic protection, moving into joy, letting go of the old, and so much more. This alone is valued at $59-$180 per month
  3. 3 Pre-recorded Monthly Calls with Betsy-Morgan – this is where I answer questions, channel, walk you through a powerful energy boost and strengthen your connection to your Angels and Guides. This alone is valued at $79.
  4. Exclusive Members ONLY Facebook Group – this is a safe space where you can ask questions, connect with other lightworkers, form new friendships, have book discussions, learn more about Ascension, and discuss cosmic/astral events and their effect on humanity, and so much more!! Priceless. 

Know this, When you purchase the Advanced Ascension 90-Day Course, you will receive the right information, at the right time, exactly when you need it!! Orion and the Angels made sure of it! 

They have guided me to share the information in the order it will best help you incrementally raise your vibration.


The Advanced Ascension Course is a 3-month program.

The monthly cost is just $33 per month. 

(the cost of 7 cups of coffee)

And the total for the entire program is 

3 payments of $33 or 1 payment of $90.


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