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The Archangels Collective

BE HERE NOW ~ Living with Power!

Hello and welcome to the channeling. This is Betsy-Morgan here with Sir Paul, and we’re so glad that you have joined us today. We’re going to begin by once again allowing ourselves a moment to center so that we can feel this lovely energy that’s always round us. So together collectively we release anything that might be trailing on our energy field in our thoughts or emotional bodies as unpleasant, any worrisome thoughts, any emotions that you feel were hurtful. We invite 100,000 angels to come to us right now and to cleanse us, bringing in their love and their light. They easily and joyfully lift away from us all negativity of any kind—emotional, mental, physical—and allow us to reside in Heaven, Heaven on Earth. And we are hereby reminded that Heaven on Earth is a choice that we have moment-to-moment. It is available to us right now. It’s within. We’ve been fooling ourselves.

What is Heaven?

We’ve been looking outside for our Heaven, and we all had preconceived, pre-constructed ideas about what Heaven is to us as individuals. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to imagine, to create a Heaven, and if the world does not abide by our own imagination of what it should be, then we let ourselves get upset. 

But who is to say what Heaven is? 

Let’s take a look at that for a moment before we go deeper. Right now I want you to know I am talk-channeling. I am being influenced by the Divine I Am. They are coming into my thoughts, allowing me to be spiritually open, and they are being creative with my own vocabulary to construct for us understandings and peace. Oh here they come in deeper. I’m going to let myself go deeper.

Beloved Ones...

Beloved ones, these are the archangels, and we say unto you truly you are in Heaven on Earth. It is so, and it cannot get any better unless you yourself decide that ye be there now. And this is your choice, and this is oh so much of what is meant by being aware in the moment, that being in the moment only, not the past, for them you recreate this negativity that held you captive in a prison. 

Why would you put yourself back in the prison of your own making? It is not needed. It’s certainly not wanted by you, but it is oh so pleasurable to the ego to say it is someone else’s fault, my unhappiness, my dilemma. And we say why do you look to the future for your salvation? Saying if only this would occur, then I can be happy and free. Then I will feel beautiful and valuable. Who are you right now? How are you feeling about yourself right now? 

You have put yourself in Heaven or you have put yourself in the three-dimensional material world called Earth. Very, very grounded on this Earth. Beloveds, it is delightful to tell you today that this very day you can be in paradise. You can live in Heaven on Earth. Whatever comes to you this day make light of it, and do not go back into yesterday, and do not go forward into tomorrow, for you will leave your Heaven. Heaven cannot be found in yesterday.

The Choice is Yours

No.  It is darkness, it is a forest there.  It will always leave you sad and in despair and in onlies.  

If only this had happened, then I could be happy, if it happened my way.  And if you go tomorrow, then you cannot feel the opportunity to love today.  

  • What is here for you today?  
  • What can you love today?  
  • Who can you be today?  
  • What can you give today?  
  • What can you feel today?  
  • What can you say today?  

This moment is your opportunity for Heaven on Earth, and now this moment, and now this moment, and now this moment.  

Are you going to lose it?  Are you going to use it?  The choice is yours.  Let us construct a feeling tone, and this is our opportunity.  Construct ye a feeling tone of joy, happiness.  Feel ye a miracle.  Let us go deeper into that.  Feel ye Heaven, angels, and if you like, babies or puppies or kittens or butterflies or nature or swimming or flying.  Feel ye this.  Feel what you imagine is freedom and expansion, and allow yourself to say these words: Dessert muffin jelly-o cupcake sweet candy jelly-o cake.


“Dear Divine I Am All That Is, I give you thanks and glory and love for my creation and for this opportunity to live and to be, to love and to share, and to glorify you through my works. I will not hide my gifts, but I will offer them. I will not be afraid to be laughed at, for another person’s laughter is only the mirror of my own uncertainties and insecurities. I remind myself I am one with All That Is. I am already brave if I feel it. I’m already powerful if I allow it. I am already everything if I be it. It is here and now and only here and now that I can own my lower and my power and my beauty and my glory. And so I choose to be it now or lose it forever. So I walk now towards the light. I am divine, I am the light, and I let my light shine today. And every day I will make this choice. I will just let my light shine, and I will see the glory. I will see what comes to me, and I will respond to it with love, compassion, peace, understanding. I will respond according to who I am, a child of God. All my gifts in hand already, I let it be. I live light gloriously. Pleased and powerful am I in my love. I am Heaven on Earth.”

And so it is. Amen, amen, amen.

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