Betsy Morgan the Channeling Teacher

Teacher of Teachers

Betsy-Morgan has been teaching channeling classes all over the world for more than 35 years. 

Along the way, this beloved Master Channel has graduated hundreds of professional Channels, thus earning her the loving title “Teacher of Teachers.” 

Betsy’s happiest moments have been helping others learn to channel. 

“There is a magical moment when one first connects with their angel or loving spirit guide and allows the words from the Higher Realms to come through their lips!”

How Betsy Was Inspired To Develop the Video Classes...

Betsy has been prompted by Spirit to create a way to reach the masses of interested people ~ potential channels and psychics ~ without anyone needing to travel thousands of miles.

That is how Channeling Class I, and Channeling Class II, were created.

For Betsy, her psychic abilities began to blossom after she began practicing as a Reiki Master. She practiced this healing art form for years, even giving as many as 55 initiations in one day. That one experience opened her base chakra and the kundalini energy began to rise…. She was held in the Divine frequency for 3 days. This Divine energy is now resonating in her 3rd eye, making her a Master clairvoyant and capable of initiating others to the Higher Realms of Light. She can imprint you with energy and help your heart to open…so you can walk the path of the open heart and channel messages of Love and Light for others.
“I am honored to be able to share the wisdom and healing miracles from the Spiritual Realms, & to serve humanity. This is so humbling, yet awesome. I am incredibly grateful for this gift that I can give to you. “

All of Betsy’s products and courses are imprinted with unconditional love & 

very high energy from ORION & the Angels!

kind words from clients