About Betsy-Morgan

I help Light-workers become professional channels,

so that they can raise the vibration of the Earth and build a profitable business too!

Do you want to add channeling to your coaching services?

Learn how to channel, connect with your spirit guides, develop your psychic gifts, and build a profitable business too! 

“There is a magical moment when one first connects with their angel or loving spirit guide and allows the words from the Higher Realms to come through their lips!”

Betsy Morgan the Channeling Teacher

Pure Magic!!

Betsy-Morgan has been teaching channeling classes all over the world for more than 35 years. Along the way, this beloved Master Channel has graduated hundreds of professional Channels, thus earning her the loving title “Teacher of Teachers.” 

Betsy’s happiest moments have been helping others learn to channel. 

kind words from clients

“Thank you so much for the magic and amazing class Betsy. I can’t wait to listen to it again, again, and again. It was so powerful. You are a wonderful friend Betsy. You are everything one could look for in an amazing mentor. A great mentor of pure light. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the generosity and support you have shown me over the past 3 years. I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness…. “


Online Courses




Spirituality for Lightworkers and Channelers. 

Each month receive Orion Ascension Energy Boost recording, 

a live monthly group call with Betsy-Morgan,   

access to Betsy’s private ascension training vault and 

gain access to members ONLY Fb group where you can grow and ascend with other ascension members. 




Connect with and channel your loving Angels and beautiful Master Teacher Guides and Spirit Guides. 

Become comfortable with your voice as you channel messages of love from your guides. 

Learn to channel messages of love and guidance for others. Develop your natural psychic skills.




Pre-Requisite:  CHANNELING I & II

Master your channeling skills and build a fulfilling professional career!

Recognize and develop your own channeling specialty (clairvoyance, mediumship, healing, coaching, etc.)

Learn to cleanse and protect your energy field and that of your clients. 

Receive your Master Channeling Certificate after completion.

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